Tashi Rabten is listed on the top five priority cases for PEN's Day of the Imprisoned Writer for this year.


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Good news - a good step forward: "PEN centers around the world are calling attention to six other writers under threat. Nedim Sener and Ahmet Şik, also from Turkey, are on trial for their books on official investigations into a neo-nationalist organization. Reeyot Alemu, from Ethiopia, has been held incommunicado since her arrest in June. Tashi Rabten, a Tibetan imprisoned by the Chinese government, is serving a four-year sentence for “separatism.” Abdul-Jalil Al-Singace, from Bahrain, was picked up during the unrest in his country this year and is now serving a life sentence. And then there is Susana Chavez, who is among the nine journalists and writers murdered in Mexico in this year alone."


With the long list of political prisoners in China and all over the world, PEN has put Tashi Rabten on the list as one of the writers they are calling attention to. Our efforts are slowly, but surely showing results. We will not give up and keep pushing forward.

Please sign the petition and spread the word. Thank You. http://www.change.org/petitions/release-tibetan-poet-tashi-rabten
While living in a "free" country, it's easy to take for granted our right to freedom of speech. Being a poet/writer/teacher living in the U.S., I feel deeply for my brothers and sisters who are in oppressed countries where freedom of speech is not allowed. Consequences include being arrested, tortured, and/or killed. The power of language and words is undeniable. As a result, oppressive governments strive to silence voices and the freedom to think. I believe, it is our responsibility as writers and human beings to do what we can to help those who are imprisoned for their basic human right to free speech and thought. Please join me in signing this petition to free Tashi Rabten. He is one person, but it is a great battle between David and Goliath and David must win. Freedom and Truth must win.